Who We Are

Sunrise Realty Pros, LLC was started by Don Bibb and Steve Sides. They have over 34 years of experience in the real estate industry between the two of them.

Don originally started as an investor. Having done just about every kind of residential real estate investment and using financing options of every kind makes Don a transaction structure guru. Don’s experience with private money and hard money as well as traditional financing is a strong tool for our agents and their clients. Don also brings years of non-profit leadership and international team management to our company. He laughingly says he went over to the dark side and got a real estate license. We are glad he did. His experience and ability to put a deal together is unsurpassed.

Steve has been in real estate since the 90’s. Having led an REO team and transacted hundreds of deals provides Sunrise Realty Pros with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Experience with bank owned properties is like running a massive investor business. Steve loves to help agents reach their maximum potential. Supporting agents and their clients is what keeps our brokerage moving forward.

The internet has changed the real estate business and how people buy and sell houses. We work very hard to provide our Sellers and Buyers along with our Investor clients, the most knowledgeable and up to date strategies and processes in the industry.

Sunrise Realty Pros, LLC is a company designed to help agents develop a real estate business for themselves and their families. The very best real estate professionals are experienced, creative, knowledgeable, and know how to provide the best professional services to their clients and enjoy doing it! We at Sunrise take pride in knowing that our agents are among the very best.