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Sept. 10, 2018

Afraid to Sell Your House in this Market?


You may be asking....

Should I Sell My Home Now?

You have thought about selling your home this spring and summer and are saying to yourself, "It's the end of summer and school has started. I missed the opportunity to sell this year and I'm not sure its worth it to sell right now."

Here's why you should take the step and sell now:

  1. Interest Rates are creeping up slowly. Nothing scares buyers more than higher interest rates. Not only is there the emotional effect of higher rates, but buyers' buying power decreases (they can afford less house) as the rates rise.
  2. Prices are starting to flatten. You may never get more for your home in history than now. Home prices in the greater Denver metro area seem to be peaking.
  3. Save your equity. If you are thinking of moving to a different home, make sure you can move the equity you have in your current house. If the market goes down and your equity changes (you have less of it!). Protect your equity, it will benefit you in the long run.
  4. Interest Rates are creeping up slowly (Once again). If you sell now and buy a new home, you can take advantage of historically low interest rates. We may never see these rates again. Perhaps your are thinking of waiting until next summer. If you wait and interest rates go up even a half a point, your payment on a 350K home goes up over $100 per month (about $1200 per year) for the same house if you were to buy it today. In other words, the same payment you'd make this year buys you about $40K less house next year with only a half point increase in interest rates!

Here's why you should have us list your house:

  1. Over 55 years experience in the 3 owners & managing brokers. We have seen and heard it all. There is no problem we won't tackle and solve for you in the sale of your home.
  2. We will vet buyers and their offers so that you sell your house the first time and not have to put it back on when a deal falls through.
  3. We have a track record of getting homes sold for over their asking price.
  4. We have great business partner relationships. Title companies, contractors and home inspectors (if necessary) and many others who we can call on to get your house sold.
  5. Take advantage of our Sale Value Guarantee. If you buy a new home after selling your present one and your new home goes down significantly in value in the 12 months following its purchase, Sunrise Realty Pros will sell it for you without charging commissions for our work (seller will only be responsible for buyer's agent's commission).


For a free consultation, call Don Bibb (303.905.7822) or Steve Sides (303.525.9270) today!

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Aug. 25, 2017

Think you can’t afford to buy a house?

Here's why you are probably wrong.

In a recent article, a new survey shows that 81% of the renters would rather own their home if they could. The obvious question is why don't they then? While home ownership may not be for everyone, many don't even try to buy due to a lack of knowledge and incorrect perception of what it takes to buy a home. Here are a few of the issues that renters need to consider on whether to buy a home or not.

  • Renting is almost twice as expensive as owning a home. According to a survey by Zillow done in 2014, the average homeowner spends just over 15% of their monthly income toward their mortgage while renters spend almost 30% of their monthly income towards rent.
  • Most renters thought they would be unable to come up with the down payment for a loan. They were completely unaware of First time home-buyer programs, down-payment assistance programs, FHA programs, and special city/county/state programs available among others.
  • Renters also miss out on significant tax deductions by not owning.

The complete article is available at 10 Reasons why you are wrong about why you can't buy a house For more information you can talk directly to a lender at Guild Mortgage for more information.


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Aug. 22, 2017

Feel Right at Home with Colorado Springs Literary Events

Story TimeYES, YOU CAN DO IT! Put down that smartphone, tablet or other electronic reader and pick up a book.

Colorado Springs homeowners can enjoy a variety of literary events in the coming weeks, including numerous book signings and story times! Parents and children will enjoy the story times at the local Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Local BookstoreFor a smaller, local bookstore feel, check out book signings at Why Not BooksHooked on Books, or The Bookman. A number of authors such as  Ingrid Brukse, Kenneth Hallenbeck, John Anderson, Frances T. Pilch, Barbara Sparks, David Dockter and others will be available for both story telling and book signings.

For a list of upcoming events, check out The Gazette's literary events listings and go out and enjoy a story time with your kids or pick a new read signed by the author!


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Aug. 18, 2017

Making the Most of the Eclipse

Total Solar EclipseColorado's Front Range has been a buzz about the upcoming eclipse. While it is nearly impossible at this point to get a place to stay in the direct path of the total eclipse (path of totality) and watch it, many are being creative at their attempts to at least get a good view of it.

Some are getting up in the wee hours of the morning and driving as far north as they can before the big event. Look out I-25!

Others are heading up to Rocky Mountain National Park and trying to get a spot on Trail Ridge Road up above the timberline for a good view. And yet others are heading up to their favorite 13 or 14'er for a shot at seeing the first total eclipse in the U.S. since 1979.

And then there are the rest of us who will be watching from our cubicle at work or on the evening news!

Regardless, here are Five Things You Must Not Do During Totality At The Solar Eclipse from Forbes Magazine.

June 19, 2017

Colorado Springs Real Estate Overflows With Flavor

Eat your way through historic Colorado Springs real estate with Rocky Mountain Food Tours. Featuring five stops along Colorado Springs property guests indulge in a variety of deliciousness at restaurants, eateries, and bakeries. The originating point is set in Historic Downtown. Local chefs are ready with signature delights. Itineraries focus on pleasing both visitors to town and longtime residents.

Destinations are within walking distance of each other. Expert guides keep things in stride by relaying tidbits of trivia and facts about the localities traversed. Favorite stops may include Jack Quinn’s where pretzel and Guinness sausage kabobs are served up. Next, spoons are eagerly dipped into bowls of rich lobster chowder at Bonny and Read. A hearty meat and potatoes meal awaits at The Famous Steakhouse. And, there’s no way to turn down a carrot cake dessert from The Rabbit Hole. Alcoholic beverages are offered for an extra charge at some stops.

Uncover Culinary Gems On Colorado Property

Rocky Mountain Food Tours prides itself on creating the ultimate dining experience. Tours are limited to 14 participants to provide an intimate feel. Available on the weekends these outings uncover culinary gems hidden in Colorado Springs real estate. Once discovered those in the know will go back time and time again. View Sunday's sample menus here.


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June 19, 2017

Bookworms Living In Denver While Away The Time

Residents living in Denver don’t judge a book by its cover. Since the 1970’s the Tattered Cover Bookstore has been the place to go to find the next good read. Independently owned, multiple locations are ready to serve locals of Denver real estate. Comfy sofas and soft fluffy chairs beckon readers. A friendly ambiance fills the shop where used books merge on the shelves next to recent best sellers.

From when the doors first opened authors have stopped in to share insight into their latest efforts. And, the tradition continues with book signings and Q&A sessions continually gracing the calendar. Other events frequently take place on this piece of Denver real estate too. Poetry readings, book clubs, summer reading programs and storytime all bring in happy readers. An extensive young reader’s lineup includes Family Friday Nights, Colorado Teen Book Con and Scary Story Contests.

Curl Up With A Good Book On Denver Real Estate

The onsite Tattered Cover Cafe makes it easy to pair a good book with a cup of coffee or hot tea. Delicious treats are tempting including muffins, pastries, cookies, and chocolates. Soups, sandwiches, and salads offer fresh lunch choices. Those living in Denver bringing in their own mugs receive a discount on drinks. Complimentary wifi supports local students searching for a quiet place to study.


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June 18, 2017

It’s Back In The Saddle Near Colorado Springs Homes

Nimble horses are ready to take explorers into the mountains near Colorado Springs homes. At Old Stage Riding Stables want-to-be cowboys and cowgirls are in good hands. Sweet-tempered, surefooted mounts wait for riders living in Colorado Springs to mount up. Horses and humans are expertly paired for the trip with employees matching individual personalities and skill sets. Ride times range from one hour on up. Spectacular views of the  are unforgettable. Panoramic scenes feature the Rocky Mountains, thick forest lands, and open prairie spaces. Guides impart knowledge of the landscape mixing in witty stories with tales of old.

Little ones under six who want to hop in the saddle for a short ride are not disappointed. Gentle horses are led on easy trails. Parents from Colorado Springs homes follow alongside with a camera ready to capture adorable moments. Afterwards, friendly animals say hello. On the ranch kids can interact with a pot-bellied pig, mouflon ram, and miniature pony.

Adventurers Living In Colorado Springs Ride Off Into The Sunset

Several twists can be added into traditional rides. A popular package, the Jeep Package, features an open air vehicle traversing the Old Stage Road up to Cripple Creek. An hour trail ride is included. The Saddle Up/Pedal Down Package combines horseback riding with bicycle riding. This experience truly embraces old fashion fun with more modern exertions.

Those truly wanting to delve into the Colorado wilderness can take part in a cattle drive. True to life wrangling experiences are had as participants ride into the backcountry. Unforgettable memories are made while in the spectacular setting of Mother Nature’s masterpieces. More information on all excursions can be obtained by calling 719.448.0371.


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